Why e-Commerce?

By Kirby Britten

Hi guys, Kirby, the blog guy here.

When I think about how I use the internet today and my use of social media forums, and how I maintain an active online presence, still just blows me away.

I mean, I can remember back in 1995 working in the consumer electronics industry and having better than a casual knowledge of all the tech toys and gadgets that had invaded our lives at that time. If you were actively using an email address at that time, you were on the cutting edge of internet technology. Advanced, if you will, in your personal use of the internet.

1995 was also the year Pierre Omidyar launched his little company, EchoBay.com. Then shortened the name to Ebay. So, what was e-commerce? And even more, how do you do it? Who’s doing it? Fast forward a mere twenty years into present date and this e-commerce thing is a $220 billion industry (yeah, I said billion with a “b”) and growing at an astounding twenty percent annually.

e-Commerce is simply any monetary transaction or facilitating business over the internet. The most popular form of e-commerce is buying or selling of a product or service online. Amazon and Ebay today are by far the world’s most popular destinations for online shoppers. Sellers create storefronts that are the online equivalents of retail outlets. Buyers browse and purchase products with mouse clicks.

Corporate America has definitely bought into this lucrative business culture, spending around $85 billion annually on advertising and promotional content. By the year 2017 the spending e-commerce economy is expected to hit a galactic $370 billion.

One of the most popular sectors in the industry is the business to business market, often referred to as B2B. This area of e-commerce deals with businesses selling and buying from other businesses. In the U.S. alone, there are about 7 million companies that are involved in this kind of online transactions.

The world’s largest e-commerce company currently is Alibaba. Based in Hung Jo, China it mammoths both Amazon and Ebay in size, with a corporate worth at a staggering $231 billion. Founder, Jack Ma’s personal fortune is closely estimated at $26 billion.

You think this business pays! You bet it does, and how!

That’s music to the ears of copywriters like me! All that advertising and promotions content needs writers!

The e-commerce revolution has given birth to a whole new breed of entrepreneurs. Now, thousands all across America have created “kitchen table” businesses with the use of laptops that generates life-changing income, including yours truly. Me!

Most e-commerce startups are normally very inexpensive to launch with costs usually within $100-$300 dollar range. I launched my business with Ebay with just $20 bucks! In addition to low startup costs, all that’s needed to complete your setup process is a domain name and a merchant account.

Paypal is a popular choice for many when selecting an online merchant bank. Paypal also has low sellers fees, typically charging no more than 3 percent per transaction.

I advocate a greater responsibility and purpose with the use of social media forums. And for those who are serious about generating another source of income, it’s no longer a question of why not e-commerce. But rather, why don’t you have a e-commerce business?

For questions about starting your own e-commerce business, you may send your inquiries to kirby@kirbybritten.com.


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