New Day for Indie Filmmakers!

Hey guys, if you love watching movies as much as I do, then you’re about to really get excited to learn about a new movie streaming platform that pays you to watch and rate films. Because, Filmocracy has arrived!

What is Filmocracy? The first ever of its kind, a super cool and innovative movie streaming platform with gamified rewards that allows users to watch and rate movies made by independent filmmakers.

How it Works

The Filmocracy team has already curated hundreds of films from today’s finest indie filmmakers for users to view on their platform. Users join as members and selects an avatar icon.

Now the fun begins. You now have a chance to earn gamified rewards in the form of popcorn (not the real kind, guys) but virtual popcorn. You earn popcorn points from the movies you’ve watched and left a review.

As you begin to watch more movies your popcorn begins to build up more, and more! Filmmakers earn revenue dollars from the amount of minutes their films have been watched. Users can even invest the cash they’ve earned into their favorite films!

Later, you can trade in your popcorn points for some very cool prizes, or even cash! I know you guys. Show me the money, Sonny! The Filmocracy team presents a groundbreaking new ecosystem truly in favor of both the filmmaker and fans in ways the industry has never dared before its arrival.

Meeting the Team 

Recently, I was invited to visit the group’s headquarters office in Beverly Hills, California and meet some of its founding members. As an indie producer myself, and advocate supporter of indie films my curiosity was high with the idea and mission of this team.

Walking into their office suite for the first time I was immediately met with a warm and friendly greeting reception from Filmocracy Founders, Paul Jun and Kasia Kaczmarczyk. Producer, Jasper Grey is also a founding member. I couldn’t wait for our meeting to begin.

As we talked about their vision and hopes for the team’s impact on the industry that included to my delight getting more involved with crowdfunding projects and e-commerce entrepreneurship in movies. It was refreshing to discover from this young group their unified passion and commitment to possibly change the course of marketing independent films, forever.

Jun, a former film executive and the team CEO, shared his reasons for starting Filmocracy. “I grew so frustrated of screening incredible films that never saw the light of day. And I decided to do something about it.”

Jun’s personal work declaration of a year ago has led to the realization of a well diverse and talented team of creative professionals committed to leading the charge with him. Each team member bringing their own feelings of creating a progressive change.

First Campaign Launch!

Talking more about the awesome power of you guys, the users on the platform, while enjoying popcorn ( the real kind this time) and cool drinks led to the discussion and the purpose of my visit. Launching Filmocracy’s first campaign on Kickstarter!

I’m honored to have been ask to join this group as one of its founding Brand Ambassadors to help pioneer a new pathway of talent discovery and funding independence. From indie filmmakers to film lovers everywhere, I invite you to join us and take control of our film entertainment and fun.

Easy to join right here!

See you guys at the movies!


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